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This is us - your MediStars

In Medistella* we make the process of medical treatments smooth as possible by proving 5-Star service.

Michaela & Anna met as colleagues from the same field, became friends with the same interests, and are co-founders of this amazing project! We help your dreams come true by using our knowledge through research and experiences. You will never be only a number for us! 

We created Medistella* with the goal to make the process of medical treatments as smooth as possible. We thoroughly choose our partner facilities and then recommend them to the patients (based on their individual needs & preferences). By using Medistella*, you will get the best pricing, enhanced availability, and our full services to improve your experience! That´s our big advantage. We guarantee the patient gets relevant information, and we can keep an eye on the whole process. So you will have someone to call on to sort out any problems.

„We are Medistella*
your leading medical facilitator in Europe“

Michaela & Anna

What makes Medistella stand out against our competition? 

The Medistella team is comprised of:

  • Former clinic coordinators who know and understand the process intimately; 
  • Former IVF patients who have been through the difficult journey of IVF; 
  • Researchers who constantly learn and update the latest information and techniques; 
  • Members of ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology)
  • A multi-lingual staff that can help ensure communications are understood in YOUR language. 

Why Medistella?

First, Medistella has a passion to help individuals build the family of their dreams. This desire often outweighs our own time restraints and you will get prompt responses when working with us. In addition, when working with a Medistella Advocate you get the confidence and attention you need to make the best choice for your IVF journey. No case is too difficult, we have a network of clinics ranging in specialties like immunology, genetics, and multiple failures. And if our network isn’t right for you, we can still help by providing information, steps, smooth communications, and advocacy guidance to ensure your journey is right with any clinic you chose. 

What can you expect from Medistella?

Medistella offers personalized service to each client. We start with a 60-minute consultation that allows us to get to know you, your journey, and your priorities. We take this information and research the best in-network clinic to meet your needs. Our in-network clinics have met our strict standards of care - from communications to modern and well-equipped laboratories which use the latest technologies. In any of our network clinics you will meet with highly skilled medical professionals. And when you select a clinic, in or out of our network, you can ensure your Medistella Advocate will continue to bring you our 5-star medical travel facilitator services. The five points on our start represent Quality, Compassion, Affordability, Research, and Experience. 

Why does Medistella charge for their services?

Medistella’s passion to help women started with a free service in which our qualified in-network of clinics would offer us a referral fee. Over the last few years, the difficulty to attract patients abroad became nearly impossible with restrictions to travel hampering many of our clients. The result caused many of our clinics to also evaluate our fees. Medistella had a difficult decision - to either stop offering our services and close our doors OR to continue to offer our services at a nominal fee. Our passion to continue to help hurt and frustrated clients achieve their goal WON! And we are grateful that so many of you understand. We don’t just pass along information you can find for free - we help you each step of the way. We decipher communications. We encourage and support you in your quest to build a family. Your Story IS our story. And we cross our fingers for every client - even those that don’t work with us, because that is our hope - For YOU. Click here to review our price list.


If you need more information about Medistella before you select us as your Advocate. Then please refer to any of our past clients by watching these testimonials OR you can reach these former clients via email by clicking here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our standards

We are focused on

middle size facilities

vs "factories" where the personal approach is lost

personalized treatments

based on your individual needs

fair price

nobody wants you to pay more than you really need! 

comprehensive programs

affordable clinics and special negotiated rates for our patients


you will receive a reply within 24 hours, a smooth pace of communication is our core

our team is multilingual

we cover 6 languages 

English, French, German, Italien, Spanish and Czech

comprehensive programs

offering local doctors/ consulting/ acupuncture etc.

going Above & Beyond

active cooperation

on all sides


We visit each clinic, doctor, team and lab exploring behind the scenes to be the best advocate for you.

We get the upfront answers to all treatment options helping you navigate your options before you arrive.

We deliver you the best services, collaborating with specialists (genetics, immunology), to ensure you get every possible benefit.

You can expect us to guide you not only through the therapy itself but you will also get tips about what to do, places to eat, where to stay, and about making the most out of your trip.



co-founder & patient advocate

Hello! My name is Michaela and with the exception of my mother language Czech, I also speak English. I will be happy to be a part of your journey where your dreams come true! I am an ESHRE member which means that I am constantly educating myself in order to provide the best possible care to you.

Besides guiding you on your road in the world of medical treatments, Michaela will be happy to guide you on your bike too. She is very enthusiastic and active. She loves sports, nature, food & wine, and traveling. Ideally all together :). 

De Bayas Sanchez

co-founder & patient advocate

Hi, I am Anna. I speak Czech, English, Italian, Spanish and Ukrainian. I am passionate about my job and you can be sure I personally keep an eye on the whole procedure and make sure your therapy is arranged smoothly. I am a proud ESHRE member, so I get the best, up-to-date fertility information first-hand.

Anna is our expert in languages and that's why she is able to communicate with patients from all over the world. Her dream is to learn Icelandic, Frisian and Norwegian. When she is not assisting her patients she is enjoying every moment with her baby boys, traveling, or snowboarding in the mountains.


patient advocate & marketing manager

Hi, I am Andrea and I know firsthand how valuable it is to work with a partner while traveling overseas for IVF because I was first a Medistella* patient before joining as a consultant in the US. I will be happy to help you along your journey and provide you with answers to your questions.

Andrea loves to train dogs in her spare time and has a German Shepherd and mixed Chihuahua-Terrier. She is also an amateur artist and enjoys dabbling in computer graphic design. Andrea is happy, positive, and cares deeply for others going through infertility. She is currently overwhelmed with a high-energy toddler, due to a successful donor IVF cycle with one of our partner clinics.


patient advocate

Hello! My name is Kristen, I am a trained medical doctor and a former successful patient of Medistella.

I have stepped away from clinical practice in order to join the Medistella team after being so impressed by their service and care. After multiple failed IVF attempts in the UK, I was ready to give up but then I found Medistella and I now have a beautiful baby boy to cuddle!

I am here to look after UK patients and support them in finding superb fertility treatment in Europe.

Kristen is based in Scotland and along with caring for her teenager and bouncing baby, she enjoys eating out and is currently learning lots of new DIY skills while renovating her 120 year old house!

Having been through the IVF process with a variety of clinics, she has a unique understanding of matching individual clients to the right clinic.


patient advocate & head of patient department

Bonjour! My name is Veronika and next to Czech I would be happy to assist you in French and English. I like to meet people, speak with them, and always try to find a way to bring a smile to their eyes. That's also one of the reasons why I chose to work in the field of assisted reproduction..

Veronika is passionate about the French language and the marvelous French culture in particular. She is very open-minded and friendly as she spent some time abroad (France, Canada) and always worked with international people. She loves rollers, mountain bikes, and ski. However, most of her time is spent with her one egg twins.


patient advocate

Gutten Tag! My name is Jana and I am the German-speaking coordinator. I know that undergoing therapy abroad is a big commitment and I am here to make the process easy and smooth.

Jana is dedicated and passionate about her job. She loves kids and she herself has a little baby boy. She loves cooking various dishes. Her other hobbies are shopping, spending time with her family and friends, watching football matches, and traveling.


patient advocate

Hi! My name is Julie and I’m glad to take care of English and French-speaking patients. I’m ready to handle your inquiries, doubts, and also moments of absolute happiness on your journey. I will do my best to support you and answer all your questions.  

Julie is very patient, which is useful for you and her two baby boys. She enjoys reading books, going to the theatre, and spending time in nature.


patient advocate & quality manager

Hi! My name is Daniela and take care of English-speaking patients. I take great pleasure in helping you on your journey which can be a roller coaster. I am here for you in your emotionally challenging time as you travel abroad making your dreams come true.

Daniela is a very empathetic team member. She is also passionate about art. She is also a dog lover with the cutest doggie called Rodney. On top of that, she is a proud mommy of two adorable boys.


patient advocate

Hello! I am very excited to be on this journey and assist Patients from the U.S and Canada. With my first hand experience with using Medistella and traveling to Prague for IVF, I hope to be able to assist you in any way I can throughout your own personal process.

Leah loves to travel the world with her husband. Her favorite locations have been Prague, Greece, and Africa. When she is not traveling, she loves to hang with her two dogs and take them to the park for walks. She is loving motherhood with her twins!

Medistella.com does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Medistella.com merely provides you with information to orientate a general outline. It does not replace any professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment recommended by a physician.

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