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FAQ about Laser-Eye-Surgery

There are various types of Laser Eye Surgery. Our experts will take a great pleasure to recommend you the laser eye surgery procedure which best suits your situation and your needs. This will depend on a number of factors, including your specific refractive error (e.g. short-sightedness, long-sightedness, astigmatism), the shape and health of your cornea, and your lifestyle too.

Our surgeons are highly experienced and will be happy to guide you to choose the right treatment. What’s more? Lifetime warranty is included!

How long is necessary to wait for your surgery?

You don’t have to wait with Medistella* at all! We operate each week! Remember you only need to discontinue the use of your contact lenses (if you use them) two weeks prior to surgery. The initial examination and the operation itself can be performed in one day!

What you can do before the surgery?

A consultation and comprehensive diagnostic exam is performed to assess the health of your eyes and determine which procedure (if any) is best suited to you. Reach Medistella team and we will help you to move forward quickly.

How long does the surgery take?

The entire process from preparation, through the actual operation to post-operative examination takes 60 - 90 minutes. You will only spend around 10 - 15 minutes in the operating room, and the laser operation itself only lasts 20 seconds (ReLEx), a couple of minutes (Femtolasik). 

Will you feel any pain or discomfort?

Rest assured, the operation does not hurt. In fact, your eyes will be anaesthetised with drops (btw. this eliminates the desire to blink during the surgery 😉). You will be also given a slight sedative prior to the operation to help you feel relaxed. During the procedure, you will feel the gentle touches of the surgeon's hands around your eyes whilst they talk you through each step. Discomfort after surgery depends on the individual, and on the operating method. LASIK has very little post-operative discomfort - a slight scratchiness for a couple of hours, and ReLex SMILE almost none at all. Importantly, with our new laser the eye surface is after surgery softer - more "polished“ and smooth. Therefore healing is faster even with the PRK/ ASA 6D procedure where the surface of the cornea is removed.

What if you move your eye during the surgery?

The position of the eye during the operation is monitored five hundred times per second by the special Eye Tracking System. Therefore, even if  you move your eye, the laser hits the correct place. For large movements, the laser automatically stops and remains motionless until the eye is in the correct position.

Is there any risk of under or over correction?

Not every eye reacts to the laser surgery in the same way, and very rarely the result is a slight under or over correction. Such deviations are extremely rare and can be easily  corrected with a follow-up surgery.

How quickly can you return to work?

Majority of our patients can jump into work straight away the day after their surgery. With LASEK or PRK, three to five days rest is recommended. Full recovery can take up to a week. It depends upon a range of factors, including the speed at which you naturally heal.

Is the price final?

Some clinics will include all of the costs in one package, while others may charge each separately. Our clinic is definitelly the first mentioned option All is included. On the top of that, we operate both eyes and also state the price for both eyes!

Here is a note for sport enthusiasts! When can you start exercising again?

As soon as your vision allows! This is usually after removal of the therapeutic contact lenses - for LASIK and ReLex SMILE this is the following day, and for PRK and LASEK procedures, after 5 days. However, you need avoid rubbing your eyes and thus making contact with the cornea. In other words, we wouldn’t recommend any contact sport for period of one week at least. It is recommended to avoid sauna and public swimming pool. Remember, you might stop yourself from working out for a while but how great and comfortable it’s gonna be for rest of your life. 😊

Can you bring a company such as family member or friend?

Sure thing! In fact, we offer a discount if you come two for the surgery! This is very popular among couples, friends or family members! Let us know if you are interested here.

If you’ve been thinking about laser eye surgery, but are still juggling glasses and contact lenses to be able to see the world clearly, take the first step. Book a no obligation consultation with us now and take the first step on your journey to better vision.

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