IVF journey episode 3: "Stimulation protocol" TRUE STORY

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Well, that day finally came and I was about to get my first hormonal injection.

My hands were shaking because I had to do it myself. Of course I could go to the Clinic and let the nurse do it for me, but I have chosen more convenient way.

I just knew I have to overcome the initial fear. It turned out to be extremely easy and painless. Phew:-)  Once I have mastered the „injection ritual“, nothing could stop me:-) I felt good during that time, haven't noticed any complications, mood swings or so... everything went well. The twelfth day of my cycle was to be the day of the ovarian puncture or as they say the egg pick up which is an non-surgical procedure done with ultrasound guiding. It's also done under general anesthesia so nothing to be afraid of. For me it meant to take a day off and because my job is to take care of my son, I took him to his grandmother and drove myself to the Clinic.​

When I remember my pregnancy, I still had to wait for something, e.g. for the two lines on a pregnancy test, the first genetic examination, then the second one , blood test results, we had to wait until the baby decides to show us if it is a boy or a girl and finally, and that was the longest wait, the birth itself. From IVF it is not different. You spend most of your time waiting, especially when you are undergoing PGD as well. So during my five day waiting 6 of 10 retrieved eggs became embryos and on the last day we had only one blastocyst to test.

I felt devastated. I was not ready for this at all. I was so naive at the beginning, but then I realized... first: I had to be naive, otherwise I would never have chosen IVF (For us, compared to some other couples, IVF was not the only option.) and second: hope dies last. So when I look at it from another point of view, we don't need more than one (healthy) embryo. I'm a believer! And I'm willing to keep waiting. The PGD results should arrive in a month or two.


author: Martina

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