Let’s talk more about IVF

According to the WHO (World Health Organization,) if you are a couple failing to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse, it’s time to seriously talk about infertility.

Infertility can indicate a need for In-Vitro Fertilization, or IVF for short. IVF is a procedure where mature eggs are removed from a woman’s ovaries and then fertilized with sperm in a lab. Once the fertilized eggs are successfully developing into embryos, they are transferred into a uterus

Who is eligible for IVF? 

Those who are having trouble conceiving (female patients up to age 50); Ladies with blocked tubes, endometriosis, or other reproductive system issues; Men with poor quality sperm.

What are the Success Metrics for IVF?

Chances of succeeding with this procedure are based on individual cases since each woman's case is unique and many factors such as age, quality of eggs and sperm can impact success. 

If your BMI is between 20 – 25, your age between 21 – 34, and your AMH between 2-2,4ng/ml, chances of successful IVF treatment are very high at around 50% chance of being successful. If you are 40+ this number decreases rapidly (10 - 5 %). 

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IVF with use of Donor’s Eggs

Having a baby using a donor egg provides couples with the opportunity to become parents, when they may not be able to otherwise. The success rates are very high, even during the first cycle. This therapy is available to anyone, but is recommended to patients with no ovaries; ovaries destroyed by chemo; severe form of ovarian endometriosis; premature ovarian failure (unable to produce quality eggs); frequent failure of fertilization, scoring, or implantation; those with an indication of genetic predisposition that is not solvable by preimplantation genetic diagnostics (PGT-a testing).

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How long do you stay at the clinic?

Couples usually come for approximately 7 days because there is typically 5 days of embryo’s development between egg retrieval and embryo transfer. 

What is the best location (or clinic) for me?

This might be individual for each couple. First step is sharing your story with us so we get better feel what you’re looking for. Get in touch with us for more details & check destinations you like (if you have any preference).

What do I get when working with Medistella*?

Less stressful, safe, personalized and affordable medical care! We will give you full support during the whole time of your treatment. We will help with travel arrangements including tips along your trip. We offer enhanced pricing and service from Monday to Sunday. 

Do you have any other questions? 

Get in touch with your patient advocate and let’s start the ball rolling together. You got our back 😉. 

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