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Patients who work with Medistella have around 68% success rate - IVF with donor eggs therapy, around 36% in the age before female reaches 35, it is approximately 30% in the age of 36-40 years old - IVF with own eggs therapy; this proves that we only work with clinics that have a reputation for success and provide excellent care in a nurturing atmosphere.

Fertility treatments

When traditional methods of conception fail, fertility centers are there to help.

Going abroad for IVF is a big commitment. People go all over the world to seek quality and affordable IVF treatments. Our partnering clinics are well-equipped using the latest technologies. You will meet with skilled and experienced medical professionals. When working with a Medistella partnering clinic, we qualify them against our high-standards making sure they have great success rates and results, efficiency in communications, quality treatment plans, and safe/clean locations. The most common therapies are IVF with egg donation or with your own oocytes. We currently have 12 partnerships from 7 countries, including highly ranked beach-locations in Spain and historic city-center locations in Prague.

IVF treatments

IVF own eggs

In general, the goal is to join a woman's egg with sperm outside of the body then place the embryo into the woman's uterus for pregnancy. IVF treatments are becoming more common as women conquer their careers before starting motherhood.

And when a couple tries to conceive without success, IVF is a choice they can make. While it's a complex procedure, the advancements in research, medication, and protocol have helped success rates climb greatly over the last several years. If you're looking into your IVF choices, you'll see pricing can vary greatly from country to country and you're probably wondering why or what is the differences. Medistella helps break-down that information giving you the tools to make the best choice for your family based on educated facts.


  • Spain
    3500-8000 EUR
  • Greece
    3000 EUR
  • North Cyprus
    3000 EUR
  • Czech Republic
    2390-3100 EUR
  • Slovakia
    2200 EUR
  • Ukraine
    2700-2900 EUR

IVF donor eggs

In general, you substitute a donor in the IVF process in order to implant a healthy embryo into your uterus for pregnancy. This is a unique opportunity. For women, we gained all our eggs while inside the womb as a fetus. Which means our eggs are a few months older than our birth age. And while this is a cool fact, the bad-news is that their quality and quantity diminish over time. By the time you're 35, using donor eggs may be your quickest way to achieve motherhood. Because IVF is becoming more common, young women understand they can help by donating their eggs. And in Europe, the compensation is minimal to none, so these donors truly have a desire to help. For men, they have the ability to always create sperm (many issues can be treated and fertility is restored). But in some cases where fertility is difficult, or if they carry a genetic marker, or their DNA is extremely fragmented; a sperm donor is an appropriate choice. There are also couples who may use both a sperm and egg donor, which is also completely fine.


  • Spain
    3900-8000 EUR
  • Greece
    4000-6000 EUR
  • North Cyprus
    5000 EUR
  • Czech Republic
    4500-7100 EUR
  • Slovakia
    3900-4400 EUR
  • Ukraine
    4100- 4225 EUR

Social freezing

In general, the goal is to collect and cryopreserve female eggs for later use. When it's not yet time to begin motherhood, but you know you're eggs are at their healthiest - this is an affordable method for you the capture a snapshot of your eggs for future use. And if you're fortunate to achieve pregnancy without needing to use your reserved eggs you have choices to donate them to another person or towards science.


IVF single patients

In general, the goal is to achieve a women's pregnancy regardless of her life choices. When you're ready to step into motherhood, then this is a great option (with or without a partner). While you'll undergo a complete IVF cycle, you'll get the distinct opportunity to select your sperm donor. You'll undergo a complete IVF cycle. It's nice to bring along a friendly companion during the process, but not necessary. Plenty of women have done this without help, and so can you.



In general, the goal is to allow same-sex female couples to share in the development of a baby. ROPA, stands for Reception of Oocytes from the Partner. When two female partners want to share in motherhood, they are able to using the ROPA method. This allows one partner to become the egg-donor while the other other partner carries the baby in her womb. In this case, both women have a special part of the process allowing them to share in making their baby.



In general, Preimplantation Genetic Testing is checking the genetic integrity of an embryo. A small biopsy sample of the DNA cells from an embryo are taken. The sample is then evaluated according to the requested screening panel. There are many different screening panels (or tests) that can be ran, based on your needs or concerns. Screening can be done based on known inherited-genetic markers (PGD) or unknown potential abnormalities (PGS). The tests can also rule out embryos that may not have a full DNA strand, which would cause a miscarriage during pregnancy. Discussion with your fertility doctor is recommended if you have any concerns.


Initial consultation

When working with a Medistella Advocate you get the confidence and attention you need to make the best choice for your IVF journey. No case is too difficult, we have a network of clinics ranging in specialties like immunology, genetics, and multiple failures.

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  • Researched techniques, clinics, and procedures. We compiled the best data to ensure you receive expert information so you can make a confident choice with us 

  • Experienced advice and counsel, we are members of ESHRE, so you can trust that our knowledge and expertise is the most reliable with proven results

Let's talk more about IVF

According to the WHO (World Health Organization,) if you are a couple failing to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse, it’s time to seriously talk about infertility.

Infertility can indicate a need for In-Vitro Fertilization, or IVF for short. IVF is a procedure where mature eggs are removed from a woman’s ovaries and then fertilized with sperm in a lab. Once the fertilized eggs are successfully developing into embryos, they are transferred into a uterus.

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Bear in mind that this is an ideal scenario as it might take you some time to get your actual exams which are crucial for your initial call with fertility expert.


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