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Medistella encourages patients who are experiencing infertility to take advantage of acupuncture.

Before starting fertility treatments

Acupunture can help by regulating ovulation and the length of your menstrual cycles by promoting blood flow to your uterus. Acupunture has also been known to improve hormones, such as FSH and AMH levels. These levels need to be balanced for a successful pregnancy. These treatments are recommended monthly to ensure continued success.

After starting fertility treatments

Studies have shown that two acupuncture treatments, done in the window before and after embryo transfer, add 15-20% to the success rate of the transfer. This is because the procedure improves the blood flowing in the pelvic organs which enhances the quality of the endometrial lining. Acupunture has also been known to relax patients which eases stress associated with IVF along with reducing the side effects of IVF medications such as mood swings, headaches, hot flashes and bloating.


  • improving blood in pelvic organs thus enhancing the quality of endometrial lining

  • regulation hormones - eg FSH level and AMH level

  • regulation ovulation and length of menstrual cycle

  • reducing the side effects of IVF medications such as bloating, headaches, hot flushes and mood swings 

  • reducing stress associated with the IVF procedur


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