Accolades & Accomplishments

Anna & Michaela founded Medistella with the desire to help women achieve their dream of having a family. Through their efforts, they have never stopped researching and advocating for IVF services. You can see their influence across their connections with clinics across 6 countries including the Czech Republic, Spain, and Greece. They have gained the respect from doctors, nurses, and coordinators not only at IVF clinics, but also with infertility specialists and Gynecologists. You can see below their incredible accomplishments in the IVF world and how they are truly succeeding in their goal to help build families. 

We can proudly say that:
  • we have 10 years of experience in IVF services

  • we have investigated over 200+ clinics in Europe, the USA, South America, and Africa. We talked to most of them to find out more about their services

  • we have personally visited 30+ clinics in 7 European countries
  • we work on the most extensive research project in Europe that investigate IVF clinics and help people to get the correct information

  • we are co-authors of national and international guidelines on how to improve IVF services

  • we are members of ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproductive Embryology)

  • our work has been published in international scientific journals

  • we are speakers at international conferences focused on IVF patient care & prevention of reproductive health.

  • we dedicate our job to helping people to get relevant information and save time, money, and energy when searching for IVF clinics abroad

  • we have helped 2000+ couples and individuals on their fertility journey.

COGI, 31st World Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility.

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Date: 24-26th November 2022


32th Conference of Assisted Reproduction

Location: Brno, Czech Republic
Date: 8-9th November 2022


B2-INF :Consortium meeting

Universidad de Navarra

Location: Pamplona, Spain
Date: 5-9th October 2022


Czech sociological society : Global challenges of medicine

Faculty of Medicine, Charles University Prague

Location: Pague, Czech Republic
Date: 8th September 2022


Eshre Annaul meeting 2022

Place: Milano, Italy

Date: 3-6 July


Journal Czech Gynecology

Issue 2/22

31. Kongres asistované reprodukce

Location: Brno, Czech Republic
Date: 9-10 November 2019



Quality Management in ART: new and practical insights from old concepts

Location: Palermo, Italy
Date: 24-26 October 2019


Unequal access to infertility care: causes and solutions

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Date: 29-30 November 2019


4. pražský sexuologicko-andrologický mezinárodní kongres

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Date: 21-22 April 2019


28. sympozium Asistované reprodukce a 17. česko-slovenské konference Reprodukční gynekologie

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Date: 9-10 November 2018


29. sympozium Asistované reprodukce a 18. česko-slovenské konference Reprodukční gynekologie

Location: Brno, Czech Republic
Date: 11-12 November 2019



Desir d'Enfant 2021 Fertility Show

Location: Paris, France
Date: 4-6 September 2021


Gamete donors: sociodemographic profiles, motivations and treatment

Location: Virtual event
Date: 13-14 May 2021

ESHRE 2021 Virtual

Location: Virtual event
Date: 26 June - 1 July 2021

Access and diversity of medically assisted reproduction in Europe

Location: Strasbourg, France
Date: 22-23 February 2018


  ne fournit aucun conseil médical, diagnostic ou traitement. fournit simplement des informations pour orienter un aperçu général. Il ne remplace aucun conseil professionnel, diagnostic ou traitement recommandé par un médecin.

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